Randy Barlow Biography

Randy Barlow (that's me), a singer, songwriter, and entertainer was born on March 29, 1943 in Detroit Michigan to Hugh and Dessie Moore.

In my mind, my career started when I was six years old and sang to my dad, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" strumming my toy guitar (Dad had given it to me for my birthday). With much practice and 10 years later, I was playing in a rock and roll band called "The Royal Lancers."

After high school and a trip to Los Angeles ( I fell in love with the area), I went to college at Western Kentucky University. Here I got together with some fellow musicians forming a band called E. A. Poe and the Ravens (quoth the raven, "How's Your bird?"), where I began developing my musical style as well as my image (I changed my last name to Barlow).

In 1964 I got a break. I was offered a job working for Dick Clark as an emcee and road manager for his Caravan Of Stars tour. One of the biggest English musical groups, Peter Noone and Hermans Hermits (think "Mrs Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter) was signed to tour with the Caravan of the Stars." Because of their popularity they could not ride the bus with the rest of the cast. I was asked to be their driver and road manager. I gladly accepted! We went through five Hertz rental cars! This was my first taste of "life on the road" and I knew this was the life I wanted.

In 1966 I moved back to California, where I seriously pursued my recording career releasing my first single "Color Blind." After paying my dues (as all of us in the business know) playing the clubs in Southern California for the next few years, I got my big break, but this meant a move to Nashville, leaving beautiful California behind.

I recorded "Twenty-four Hours From Tulsa," my first top 20 record. This was followed by 4 top 10 singles, "Slow and Easy," No Sleep Tonight," Fall in Love With Me", and "Sweet Melinda" from 1978 to 1979"and a nomination for the "best new male artist" award in 1979 from the Acadamy of Country Music. My career continued with the release of eight more singles and my fourth album in 1983. To keep up with this modern age, I've had my music converted to CD's, downloads and MP3s. All are available at CDBaby and through my website, randybarlow.net.

I had health problems and, sadly, lost my wife and soul mate Rebecca to cancer in 2013. She would send a lightening bolt at me if I didn't go on with life and my "journey." In my new book, I'll bring you up to date and maybe I can be of help to you by example!

My songwriting and performing, along with acting roles in several movies continues today. All the years on the road, meeting people and entertaining has given me many stories I want to share with you. I have written my autobiography "Who's Randy Barlow / A Journey Toward Fame." It will be available soon1 People I have met, entertained, loved, married and buried are all in this book. "First I lived it, THEN I wrote it!"

I'm writing new songs and putting together a new show. The way I see it, if Neil Diamond at 74 can go back on tour, then I can find a way to get back on a bus and share my my life story with you. "I have many more people to sing to, make laugh, and love, in my future." So watch for my "Come Back Tour" promoting my old music, new music, and my book, "Who's Randy Barlow / A Journey Toward Fame." My drive and desire, whether in songwriting, singing or entertaining, is to give my audience my best; and it continues today!